Thank you for your visit to our site!

We would like to explain ourselves so that you might know our purpose for the site.  It is our hope that when you understand what we hope to accomplish, you would pray for the success of the site and consider how you might be able to help with our purpose.

In October 2015 three men visited Nepal for the purpose of helping and ordaining a man there that was preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  One of the men was friends with and had relied upon a man from the state of Odisha in India as a helper in other Christian work.  This man, named Patab, was fluent in English and Nepali as well as Hindi, Oriya and other Indian dialects.  He came with us to Nepal and was our translator during our visit.

While there, Patab came across teaching that he had not been familiar with before.  He embraced the teaching that he heard as being true from the Bible.  Upon our departure from Nepal, Patab asked if the two pastors that had come would continue to teach him through Skype and other digital media.  We agreed and have been in contact with him ever since.

  Patab was very desirous of our coming to visit him in India to preach and teach to the people that he had contact with.  He had begun to teach and preach the things that he was learning and was seeing fruit from those efforts in remote portions of the state.  We were finally able to come in 2018 and were blessed by him and the people that we met while there. 

During this visit, we found that the Christians in these remote areas did not have teaching or learning resources in their language, Oriya.  While discouraging at first, through prayer we were able to come to a potential solution.  This website is the beginning, Lord willing, of that solution.  While speaking to Christians in his town, Patab is going to record those messages, he will then post those audio files to this site.  He is also going to translate messages from the men that have visited and record them and post those as well.  He is then going to let the Pastors and church members in those outlying villages aware of the messages so that they might listen and be able to learn through them.

It is our prayer and desire that the Lord would use this effort for His glory and to the edification of the saints in the state of Odisha.  If you have any questions regarding this effort or would like to encourage those involved with the work, you may contact us through the e-mail addresses listed on the contact page. 

We are trying to keep everyone involved as anonymous as possible as there is a great threat of persecution for Patab and those involved.  We have used Patab's first name only as those in the outlying areas know him by this name and need it for continuity.  For those of us from outside of India involved, we do not want to be restricted by the government of India from visiting again to encourage the believers.  If you know the names of those involved, please keep them private for their protection.  May God bless you as you pray for this endeavour.